Missing support of Kusto in OMS queries in PowerShell

As mentioned in my post yesterday, the cmdlet Get-AzureRmOperationalInsightsSearchResults does not support the Kusto query language. Nor does the cmdlet Get-AzureRmOperationalInsightsSavedSearch. The only way to get search results is to use the “native” OMS query language. For that reason, I have created an issue on the Azure PowerShell Github repository. Hopefully Kusto will be supported Read more about Missing support of Kusto in OMS queries in PowerShell[…]

OMS: JSON Payload to Webhooks is Broken after Workspace is Upgraded to Kusto Query

Microsoft released an option to upgrade OMS to use the Kusto for querying data in Log Analytics. The release is in public preview so bugs are still expected.

One bug I discovered breaks the whole automation part of OMS. I’m currently performing a PoC at a customer, where OMS alerts must kick-off Azure Automation Runbooks. The JSON payload is vital in this project. Unfortunately, the payload is broken!

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