Pressing pause

It’s been a while since my last post. 78 days to be more precise or 68030323687376 ticks.

I’ve been swamped both at work and home and still trying to catch-up with all the news and videos from Microsoft Ignite last month (I didn’t attend this year).

One of the new features that has surfaced is Azure Active Directory Identity Secure Score which partially solves the issue / topic in my last post in the “O365 Secure Score & Azure Automation” series.

Oh, another thing: my wife and I are having a baby in December. The first one – and a boy!

Because of the current lack of focus on this blog, I’m abandoning the last post in the “O365 Secure Score & Azure Automation” series.

The uncompleted code is uploaded to my GitHub but it is not ready for production – at all.

I’ve added some comments in the code that explains some considerations, missing pieces, etc.

I hope to be back soon with more proof-of-concept scripts and stories from the field.

Start-Sleep -Seconds (Get-Random -Maximum 9999999)

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