Hot weather. Cool PowerShell Module.

The unusual hot weather seems to go on and on in Denmark. 31 Celsius today! And we have already had 55 summer day this year, compared to 13 all last year. No rain at all, which has an impact on the color of the grass – and the country.

Left: July 2017. Right: July 2018 (Zoom Earth)

As mentioned in my last article, the extraordinary hot weather makes it difficult to sit inside in front of the computer writing articles – especially when one has been 8 hours at work, sweating, in front of a monitor.

I have been researching a bit though and stumbled upon an inspiring article by Brad Wyatt aka. The Lazy Administrator.

He makes use of a neat PowerShell module called ReportHTML (created by Matthew Quickenden) when generating a report of an Office 365 tenant.

In the next part of “O365 Secure Score & Azure Automation” I will publish an Azure Automation Runbook script to search for unused users and global admins. The report will be generated by the ReportHTML module and I will have a closer look at The Lazy Administrators approach to it.

Soren is an IT Professional based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His primary work areas are system design, deployment, migration and administration of business-critical IT infrastructure.

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